Speaking Engagements

Gale Prince is known throughout the food industry as “YOUR FOOD SAFETY COACH.” He has given hundreds of speeches on food safety over his extensive career, including at least 50 speeches within the past two years on food safety, safety of imports, food defense and product traceability.

Mr. Prince has 50 years experience in food safety, quality control, sanitation, food labeling, workplace safety, and regulatory compliance. In addition to foods, he has worked on issues involving OTC and prescription drugs, non-foods, packaging, and sanitary design of food equipment. During his career he has managed several thousand product recalls.Whether discussing the challenges of traceability or helping food manufacturers understand the details of new government regulations, Gale Prince is well-known for his ability to impart critical knowledge about the food industry to attendees.

Recent speeches include:

“Food Safety Eras – Past, Present and What is Next?”
“Food Safety Around the World”
“Impact of the Food Safety Modernization Act”
“Opportunities in the Science of Food Safety”
“How Recall Information Can Enhance Your Food Safety Programs”
“Food Allergens”
“Food Safety and Economic Adulteration”
“Managing Risk with Imported Food Ingredients”
“The Impact of Recalls on Food Safety Management Programs”
“Traceability in Protecting Your Company”
“Are You Prepared for a Food Safety Challenge?”
“FDA Food Safety Modernization Act 2011”


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