Crisis Communications Management

Food Safety Recalls Can Ruin Your Business

A food safety recall often is a traumatic, profit-draining event for food manufacturers, processors and retailers. Class I recalls, which are so serious as to cause severe illness or even death, may end in bankruptcy or years of public criticism.

Whatever the cause for the recall, quick action is a must. After all, lives may be at stake.

But all too often, organizations are slow to react and, fearing liability, they are hesitant to say anything. Yet delay is probably the worst mistake a company facing a recall can make, especially in the era of social media, which can create a viral firestorm of criticism for any organization that is perceived as not caring about public safety. The loss in brand reputation, not to mention sales, can be catastrophic.

SAGE Food Safety Consultants has decades of experience in helping manage emergencies arising from a product recall. Between Gale Prince and Paul Bernish, we’ve led recall crisis communications for dozens upon dozens of serious, life-threatening food contamination incidents. We know how to respond, when, and what to say.

The best advice we can offer is to manage your business so that a recall is never necessary.  That begins with developing a recall plan, sharing it throughout the organization, and practicing what to do in an emergency.

When a real recall is required, your first phone call should be to SAGE Food Safety Consultants, the experts in recall crisis management.

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