FSMA: the New Food Safety Program

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed into law in 2011, and its major provisions were implemented in September, 2016.  The thrust of the new regulations emphasizes a pro-active, preventative approach on the part of food manufacturers to reduce contamination and food-borne illness, rather than simply react to problems as they occur. Importantly, FSMA shifts primary responsibility for food safety away from government inspectors to food companies and employees, who will be required to maintain strict records and documentation of pro-active measures intended to insure compliance 24/7/365. Under FSMA, it will no longer be acceptable to plead ignorance of the law. Manufacturers and processors will bear the major burden of enforcing the new food safety regulations. More Information

How SAGE Can Help

SAGE Food Safety Consultants can help your company navigate through the new regs, enabling you to become — and remain — fully compliant with the myriad provisions of FSMA.  Our services include:

  • Preparation of food recall plans for small, medium and large companies;
  • Employee and management FSMA training;
  • Board and senior executive presentations (in person or via webinar);
  • Record maintenance and documentation;
  • Standard operating procedures (SOP) to insure compliance;
  • Inspections of manufacturing/processing systems to identify safety vulnerabilities (and corrective actions);

Resources and Background Information

The FDA maintains a comprehensive database of information on FSMA, including the following links:

Federal Register Table of Contents

The regulations governing the new Food Safety Modernization Act take up thousands of pages in the Federal Register. While everything is thus readily accessible, it’s a challenge to find specific information amid the immense amount of content.

SAGE is happy to help companies navigate the FSMA regulations in the Federal Register. Here are two documents in .PDF, one on the regulations covering human food, and the other governing animal feed (yes, FSMA applies to animal food). Details about such crucial aspects of FSMA, such as the requirement for companies to conduct detailed hazard analyses of potential contamination areas in their facilities, can quickly be located using the Table of Contents.

FSMA cGMP Human Food Index 09_17_15_v6

FSMA cGMP Animal Food Index 09_17_15_v3

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