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The global food industry is confronting increasingly complex regulatory compliance requirements, on the one hand, and rising consumer expectations for food transparency as it involves ingredients, country of origin, growing practices and a high level of food safety. Experience and knowledge of food safety and new regulatory mandates is critical. Our mission is to provide consultation services that offer you the tools to promote food safety, food quality, regulatory compliance, and effective crisis management.

Gale Prince brings 50 years of food industry experience to the table, starting in 1967 at the Jewel Companies till his retirement from The Kroger Co. as its Director of Corporate Regulatory Affairs. He is widely known for his involvement in industry and regulatory activities and in addressing global food safety issues. He has been called “The Dean” of product recalls having managed several thousand in his career and is noted for his knowledge of food safety and regulatory requirements.

In July, 2015, Gale received the IAFP Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to food safety.

Gale can be reached at 513-236-6264, or Gale@galeprince.com


Paul Bernish Over a more than 30-year career — most of it in the food industry — Paul Bernish has developed an unparalleled expertise in crisis management on food safety issues, including recalls, food tampering, and reputation protection and enhancement. As corporate Director of Public Relations for The Kroger Co. (where he worked alongside Gale Prince), Paul managed numerous product recalls and crisis situations with the national as well as regional and local news media. After opening his own business, Bernish Communications, LLC, in 1998, he has continued to consult with food retailers and manufacturers on crisis management matters, including Kroger, Harris Teeter, Publix Supermarkets, and Advance Pierre Foods, among others.

Paul can be reached at 513-828-7595, or paul@bernishcommunications.com


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